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Feb 14, 2013 3:00pm EST
from them? >> i have my mother-in-law and my sister-in-law, and their friends, angie and margaret whose husband buck is waiting here patiently for her to return as well. >> have you heard from them at all? >> we heard from them briefly this morning. they were tired. they were hungry, and they were ready for a shower, and they were definitely ready to get off the boat. >> i bet. >> can you tell at all? i mean, i don't know if you just heard our interview with that other passenger on the ship board, he's giving us a little more moderate tone from the horror stories we've been hearing. have your passengers, your friends and your mother, have they gone through a very difficult time, or is it media hype that we've been getting in many cases this week? >> well, i don't -- there may have been some media hype, but from some of the things that i'm hearing, some of them coming directly from our family, conditions were not -- not good at all on there. just from what we've been gathering. >> sounds like it depends on which part of the ship you're on, if you have the better accommodations you're hav
Feb 14, 2013 1:00pm EST
? >> angie's list making a monster move to the upside after reporting better than expected earnings thanks to increase and paid membership numbers. stock is fuelling the russell 2000 index to a new high. also a volatile weak for shares of blackberry. down sharply yesterday on bearish sales side note. today deutsche bank joined in but bouncing back with traders seeing the recent move to down side as a good buying opportunity. also news that former co-ceo sold his stake in the company. also another mover, eye on directv, off of its highs. one of the top performing stocks on the nasdaq 100. good earnings fuelled by increase in subscribers. stock up .2%. some sectors we we are watching. social media liked today. facebook, groupon, staging a come back. biotech underperforming even though regeneron growing. you can see regeneron and alexion and affymax. >> thanks, seema. back to the bond market. rick santelli tracking action at cme for us. over to you, rick. >> thank you very much. supply is done. 72 billion taken care of. are we selling off? no, we're not. on the day, even with the roll of the
Feb 14, 2013 6:00am EST
. shares of angie's list were sharply high er after the online website swung to a profit in the first quarter. sketcher s shares got a price pop, as well. women's shoes have done particularly quell. also, value clicks werings beat the street's expectations. the internet advertising company's revenue strengthened and real estate information provider zillow posted better-than-expected earnings. shares were up pretty sharply. you can see up by about 7.8% with that last tick. also, apply materials reported a drop in quarterly profit but the results still beat the street. but there were some big losers in the after hours trading. weight watchers, you think about losing and normally that's a good thing for this stock. but after the bell yesterday, the company warned fewer people are signing up for its weight-loss program in 2013 and that stock was down sharply after hours. >>> whole foods took a mitt. that stock, i believe, was down by about 8%. finally, mondolize, that stock was under a little bit of pressure, as well. >> you saw maria's interview? i watched that yesterday with chambers. a
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3